Traffic Control Rentals

Did you know that in 2019 in the United States there were 842 people killed and 39100 injured in work zone accidents? Needless to say, it’s difficult to keep your work zones safe. Where do the problems come in that make these accidents happen? Having all the proper guidelines and procedures can keep those safety standards as high as possible. We know that there is a lot that can go wrong very quickly for work crews. Let’s get your next project safe and your team highly visible. Do this by having all the proper equipment and message boards to signify that there is a work zone ahead. In this article, we are going to talk about all the necessary steps to keep your work crew safe with traffic control rentals.

Why Would I Need Certified Rental Equipment?

Why would it matter if I just got some traffic cones from Walmart compared to getting certified safety equipment for your work zone? There are two major groups that you will be in charge of informing and keeping safe. The first is your crew. The second is the pedestrians that will have to travel through the job site. When you don’t have someone who is certified in helping you, you may get the wrong equipment or may not work properly. Having the right equipment goes a long way in keeping these groups safe and working efficiently.

Having certified rental equipment is the first step that you can take to make sure that this is all provided for you. You shouldn’t ever worry about if you’ve got the right safety equipment if the equipment is high quality, or how it’s going to keep people safe. Having certified rental equipment will give you peace of mind. It helps to know that you’ve done everything that you can to give all the proper safety signs and signals for the work zone that they are entering into.

What Kind Of Traffic Control Rentals Do I Need For My Next Project?

This is a great question! At any given time, you could be working from anything to excavation and digs, to painting traffic lines on the road. Depending on the type of project you have coming up, there are going to be different needs to keep your work crew and pedestrians safe. How do you know exactly what you will need? This is where going to a certified specialist, like Capital Barricade. They can set you up with the best safety equipment. Their equipment is personalized for the type of project that you need to get accomplished for that job site.

Here is a list of what you would normally need for any type of construction project to help get you started:

  • Traffic Cones
  • Traffic Control Signs
  • Arrow Boards
  • Type iii barricades
  • Traffic Safety Signs
  • Lights (working early morning or late nights)
traffic control rental safety cones

How Do I Set Up A Safe Work Zone?

We’ve talked a little bit about what type of traffic control rentals can help keep your construction project safe. There’s more than just the right equipment to keep your workers safe and also work efficiently. The diversity in projects can be hard to figure out how to actually set up the work zones properly. The start is getting the right equipment and getting accurate pricing to stay within budget.

Now that you’ve got all the right equipment, let’s start getting that zone set up. One of the most important steps is determining where you’re going to start warning pedestrians of work zones. This will allow for traffic control and keep from accidents having. You will need to set up signs or message boards before the actual location of the construction zone. This will give ample time for pedestrians to make the necessary changes before hitting the work area.

Now we want to check the plans that were set out for the work area zone. Then check on all your equipment to make sure that everything is working properly and nothing is damaged. Once you’ve done this, set up your parameter with the cones. Having the proper signs or message boards right at your work zone can help keep traffic flow moving and informed of what’s happening or coming up.

The last thing that you will need to make sure to modify is if you start to see that people who are traveling through or around your work zone are hitting anything or it seems too confusing, you will need to modify the parameters of the work zone. This will help to keep your workers safe. It also allows the public to feel like you are aware of the conditions that you’ve created.

What Can My Crew Do To Keep Safe?

What does your crew have to do with the safety of the whole construction job? They have everything to do with their own safety. Making sure that your crew is properly trained and understands the conditions that they will be working in, will help them understand how to communicate with each other and to allow for optimal traffic control.

More importantly, your team is there and the ones working on the job in the conditions. They will be able to tell if there is an issue with how the safety zones are set up. This communication is vital for them to continue to keep safety as high as they can. For example, if they notice that there is something wrong like drivers are hitting cones or seeming confused on the road, or if they feel like the barriers you’ve set up aren’t allowing them to work safely — quick communication will be needed to correct the issue.

traffic control rental safety cones in use.

Wrapping It Up In A Nice Warm Blanket

Getting the proper information for your work zone will give you the optimal positioning that you need to keep your team happy and safe. Don’t be afraid to find the right certified traffic control company. Capitol Barricade will keep you informed and help you to get the right equipment. Having the right traffic control rentals and the right communication for traffic control is how you will keep everyone that is involved in the project safe. Do you need someone to help you rent the right equipment? Check out Capitol Barricade to find everything that you will need to keep your project safe and read this article about custom parking lot stencils.