Why You Need to Use Custom Parking Lot Stencils

What makes parking lots appear to be well-organized? The markings! Parking lots would be a disaster if they didn’t have parking lot lines created by custom parking lot stencils. People would park in weird places and directions, making optimal use of the parking lot impossible.

Getting the correct parking lot stencils from Capital Barricade will help keep the parking areas organized. Before understanding the benefits of using custom parking lot stencils, let’s know them first.

What Are Parking Lot Stencils Made Out Of?

Manufacturers use different materials to make parking lot stencils. However, Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic (LDPE) is preferable to High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE). Here’s how you can tell if it’s a good material:

  • LDPE is more flexible and more robust than cardboard
  • It’s simple to clean
  • It is  long-lasting
  • It is easy to handle

NOTE: After spraying, you’ll have something on the stencil that looks like paint overspray. Kindly allow it to dry before bending. 

What Paint Is Used For Parking Lots?

Specific paints and colors are more successful than others in parking spaces. The color and type of paint you use will determine the appearance of your parking lot. The two most common types of paint for your parking lot are solvent-based and water-based.

They must be made as traffic paint, tailored explicitly to your parking area. Latex and acrylic paints used on walls may not cling to pavements. They can peel away quickly, and your hard work will be wasted.

Blue is becoming more popular in most regions, whereas yellow is the traditional strip color. In other cases, it is a matter of personal taste. However, particular stencils, such as those for handicapped stalls, must meet specific legal requirements regarding shape, color, and size.

White is another standard option. Businesses that choose this color can use it to paint sections and curves that are difficult to park in. People must wear white or blue under the legislation.

How Do You Mark a Parking Space?

You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional business to do it for you, such as Capitol Barricade. Capitol Barricade provides personalized signage that is safe and accurate. We will create the necessary equipment, plastic stencils, and traffic cones for local businesses. The West Coast Distribution Center can deliver this road safety equipment to your home.

Drivers may quickly move through parking lots thanks to well-marked pavement stencils. As a result, there will be less traffic congestion, and you’ll get more hours on your business premises. Use Capitol Barricade’s high-quality traffic signs and other building and safety equipment to get things done correctly.

Customers will find their way about your premises more quickly if you display traffic directions, accessible parking locations, and areas where parking is not permitted.

Follow these steps to mark your parking area:

  1. Remove all debris from the surface area, including sand, loose gravel, branches, and leaves.
  2. Use tape to mark each car park following the prescribed minimum measurements accurately.
  3. Use a chalk line to acquire precise straight guidelines
  4. Obtain the appropriate line marking pavement paint as well as the appropriate applicator.
  5. Please ensure the aerosol bottle is well shaken to verify that it is not obstructed and is spraying correctly.
  6. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inserting the aerosol bottle into the applicator.
  7. Pull the trigger on the applicator to make the paint flow.
  8. Walk steadily and carefully in straight lines according to the directions to guarantee clear lines and straight and precise marks.

Top Three Benefits of Using Custom Parking Lot Stencils

As mentioned earlier, parking lots are better organized with custom parking lot stencils. It provides open, clean places with clearly visible signs, making parking simple and convenient. Here are more benefits of using custom stencils for your parking lot.

They Make the Most of Available Parking Space

Have you ever arrived at a parking lot to discover no places available? Or perhaps the spaces are too narrow to accept your vehicle? Applying the proper line marking for your parking area might help you avoid these issues. Line markers can help you make the most of your parking space.

Vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your parking areas must accommodate all of them. A designated parking lot line guarantees that drivers do not park very close to each other. It should also prevent occupying two spaces by accident. 

When your parking area is marked, it may accept additional vehicles at any moment. This means more business for you. Our custom parking lot stencils make it easy for drivers to see where they can park and conserve space.

They Boost Safety

Parking lot line-markings are helpful for traffic control and act as guidance for pedestrians and cars. It leads them to traffic flow, warns cars of pedestrian crossings, and displays available parking spaces.

Line markings in your parking lot can be helpful in the identification of: 

  • One-Way Lanes 
  • Unauthorized Parking Areas 
  • Pedestrian Crossing Zones

As a business person, you should prioritize the safety of your customers. Failure to clearly define parking lines can endanger visitors to your property.

Capitol Barricade parking lot stencils can help protect people’s lives by marking obvious parking area limits.

They Add To The Aesthetics of Your Exterior

The lines in your parking lot reveal much about you and your company. If your markings are faded, visitors may get the wrong impression. Ensure your parking lot lines are up to date to give your clients the most incredible experience possible. The experience begins from the outside before getting into the office.

You can use stencils to write safety messages on the pavement. You can use our custom parking lot stencils to design parking spots and improve curb appeal.

The Best Parking Lot Stencils at Capital Barricade

Capitol Barricade has a long history of providing custom signs to company owners. We use American traffic safety materials for all types of traffic signs and traffic control signals.

At Capitol Barricade, we produce stencils for different uses, including roadway markings and parking lot pavement painting. We also provide traffic control services for roadside construction projects.

We have stencils in a variety of sizes and materials. Get in touch with us for a customized parking lot stencil to freshen up your parking lot lines and get your business back on track.

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