Selfie Video Hiring

Innovation gives us a jump start in hiring.

At Arcane Marketing we use InnovativeSolutions for Growth Ready Companies – our own is no exception!

We have always had an innovative mindset. Whether it’s staying on top of the latest technology, or brainstorming and trying out our newest “crazy” ideas to triple our client’s sales – we are always on the edge of innovation. One of the steps in our hiring processes includes asking our applicants for an introductory 5-minute selfie video and the perfect example of this. 



We do this for a few reasons.

  1. This process has given our applicants an edge for creativity and allows us all to utilize our digital platform in fun and exciting ways.
  2. We believe that just as much as we are interviewing an applicant, they are interviewing us, and want them to take the time to get to know us, our company and why we do what we do.
  3. We also have the opportunity to get to know their personalities a bit before the “sweaty palms” hit us all in the more formal interview setting.

As HR Manager, when I get to communicate with our applicants and let them know that the next step in their hiring process is a selfie video, the reaction varies from “um… ok?” to “oh fun!”

What They Do:

They are told to first,

  1. Research Arcane Marketing, i.e. website, Facebook, youtube, Linkedin page, and/or related resources (outside resources are okay)…


  1. Introduce yourself and tell us why you want to work at Arcane Marketing and what makes you a good fit.
  2. Tell us about your career goals.
  3. Tell us what drives you personally and professionally.
  4. What are your hobbies? 
  5. What would you like to share with us about your family?
  6. AND… Summarize Arcane Marketing, “what we do, what we stand for” or “describe our client journey” and deliver that in that video form of how you would introduce Arcane Marketing.

Some applicants really take the time to use their imagination, stand out, and share a lot of creativity. They can get the idea that every team member can be as passionate about sharing our services, brand, and innovation as we are.

What’s Next:

After this step, we take them through phone calls and screenings to gauge skill level, technical abilities, and experience. These steps and tools also allow me to present the applicants to our managers with as much information as possible before their final interview.

Value at the Core:

The real heart of every step in our screening process is the connection to the questions designed to analyze if they are a fit with our company, specifically  – their adherence to our core values. We believe that our company’s core values of VISION, GRIT, DO WHAT YOU SAY and BUILD THE GREATER GOOD cannot be taught. They are deeply inherent in each of our team members and must be present to a very high degree if they are going to be considered a fit for our team. This innovative video is the first step in determining if those core values are present. After getting a basic understanding of an applicant through their video, we then get a chance to hear the stories behind the answers given.

We love, and utilize this innovative step in our process and are always excited when we find the perfect candidate to join our team and elevate us all to continue to use innovative marketing solutions for growth ready companies!

We are unique, and we value connection, innovation, and investment in supporting our team members in achieving their dreams.