How To Cut Energy Costs In San Diego

Energy costs continue to rise with no apparent end in sight. But residents of San Diego can’t just quit using their air conditioning during the summertime to cut their energy costs. There’s got to be a better way right? There is, and it doesn’t even mean installing some kind of high-tech renewable energy solution—it’s simply about choosing the right kind of window coverings.

There are actually a lot of options when it comes to window coverings. So many options, in fact, can become overwhelming. Especially when you don’t know where to start and there are a seemingly endless array of materials, colors, styles, and designs for window coverings. The goal of this article is to help make that decision easier.

What Are The Options?

The first thing you’ll need to know is what your options are. This will make the process a much easier and enjoyable experience. You should also be aware of exactly what your needs are. Make sure you have information such as how much window coverage you need, the best materials to work for your home and match your decor, and of course budget. Once you have identified your specific needs, start shopping for the perfect window coverings. Here are your main options.

Blinds that can cut energy costs


Window blinds do a great job of blocking out the light and heat coming to your home during the summer. Choose blinds that are highly reflective material. This material will reflect the heat and light away from your home so it doesn’t enter your home. Typically, light-colored blinds do a better job during the summer. Dark materials absorb the heat so they’ll be more effective during the winter.


Shutters were initially designed to keep out the cold winds in the winter and the hot sun during the summer. One of the best ways that you can cut your energy costs is with insulated interior shutters. They come with dual action that makes them the perfect fit for energy savings all year long. There is a method to using your shutters for maximum efficiency. To maximize your home’s energy-saving potential with shutters, be sure to follow these simple rules.

  • Keep them installed tightly and securely to your windows.
  • Keep your house warm by leaving them open in the eastern/western sides of your house during the morning/evening, respectively. This way, you can draw in heat during the winter, and block it out during the summer.


Shades are ideal for lightweight protection. Not only does it help you save energy, but it will still allow some natural light to come into your home. The best way to maximize your savings with shades in San Diego is by choosing a dual shade. That way it includes a reflective and an absorbent side. They resemble honeycomb and maximize the insulation of your home and protect against harmful UV light. Direct sunlight exposure can have a dampening or “muddying” effect on colors, wearing them down over time.

Some of the best shades to invest in for energy-saving purposes include:

  • Basic Roman Shades: These are great for reducing solar heat gain.
  • Insulated Roman Shades: These shades will help you retain heat in your home.

Saving Money In The Summer

Do you want to cut your energy costs during the summer? Yes, of course, you do. Dumb question right? Use this quick guide to reduce your summertime energy costs in San Diego.

  • Purchase brightly colored window coverings. This is because bright colors reflect light and heat.
  • Have them installed as close to the window as possible.
  • Keep them closed throughout the day, so that as much light and heat is reflected away from your home as possible.
  • At night, open them to allow heat that has accumulated in your home to escape out the windows. You may want to keep your windows open as well.

Saving Money In The Winter

Do you want to cut your energy costs during the winter? Who wouldn’t? Another dumb question? Follow these tips when you want to reduce your wintertime energy costs in San Diego.

  • Purchase dark-colored window coverings. This is because dark colors absorb light and heat.
  • Install them as close to the windows as possible.
  • During the day, keep them open in areas where the sun is directly shining, and closed in areas where it isn’t, to absorb as much light and heat into your house as possible.
  • At night, keep them shut tight to trap as much heat into the house as possible.

Mobile Custom Window Coverings

Many people struggle to figure out exactly what kind and size of window coverings they need. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to figure that out by yourself. For example, people in the San Diego area have the option of calling a mobile blind and shutter service.

This eliminates that issue because the selection of blinds, shutters, and shades are brought directly to your home or office. When you use this service you can see the window coverings in the place they will go. See them in the natural lighting of your home. Get exact measurements. Make your selection right there on the spot. Avoid the hassle of doing all that work yourself and going to the store to make your purchase. With a company like Vineyard Blinds, you will even get:


Mobile window covering services take all of the efforts off your shoulders. There will be no reason for unnecessary problems or headaches from unforeseen dimensional problems, disappointing materials, or missing parts that are a risk when you order window coverings online and attempt to measure and install them yourself.


Window coverings can make a significant difference in the energy it takes to keep your San Diego home cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Keep this rule of thumb in mind: when it comes to saving money with your window coverings — bright colors reflect heat, dark colors absorb it. There are a bunch more benefits too. For example, window coverage will help to protect your paint and furniture, give you the privacy you want, and look great too.

San Diego area residents turn to Vineyard Blind And Shutter when they are looking to use window coverings to cut their energy costs. They have everything you need at an affordable price in the San Diego area. Choose from a wide selection of products including top brands like Sunland Shutters, Hunter Douglas, and Norman Shutter. Find all the information you need or reach out to them for more information on their user-friendly website.