Find the Best Corporate Awards for Your Business

Awards and recognition are successful ways of motivating oneself or their employee to work hard in the future. If you are an entrepreneur or business leader growing the reputation of your business, winning corporate recognition awards should be on top of your plan. If you would like to award and recognize your best-performing employees, you need to get them corporate gifts that are built for prosperity. As mentioned, corporate recognition awards help your employees to step up and work hard in the future to take your business to the next level.

At Martin Awards, we have a collection of trophies, corporate awards, and plaques that you can use to celebrate your hardworking employees or staff. We serve not only businesses and the corporate world but also government offices, various sports facilities, and other public facilities. Our corporate awards result from our workmanship; thus, you are guaranteed personalized awards and products. Therefore, Martin Awards is the choice if you are looking for affordable trophies, awards, or personalized gifts.

Types of Corporate Awards We Offer

corporate awards

Over the years, we have led the awards and recognition industry with our quality and affordable corporate gifts and awards from our 100 percent workmanship. This ensures that your corporate awards or recognition plaques are as customized. Here is a list of some of the corporate awards we offer our customers

Crystal Awards 

We offer nothing short of a pure beam of brilliance when it comes to crystal awards. Our crystal awards are made with precise attention to detail; thus, you can be sure of quality crystal awards from us. Consider crystal awards for your following recognition events and get a taste of beauty, style, and clean appearance. Globe awards, star-themed awards, and Eagle crystal awards are some examples of crystal awards you can consider for your recognition ceremony.

Glass Awards 

We offer you a wide range of glass awards that you can use to recognize the efforts of your employees. Our glass awards are resistant to scratch due to the high-quality craftsmanship employed by our artisans. Our glass awards also come in various designs, colors, shape, and style that meets your corporate awards needs. Contact us today to get yourself quality glass awards at a competitive price.

Acrylic Awards

When looking for awards to recognize the efforts of your team or employees, it is crucial to look for quality and prestigious awards. Acrylic awards are an ideal option for corporate awards since they are lighter than crystal and glass ones, making them resistant to impact if it falls. Its malleable nature makes it easier to polish and rebuff in case of a scratch on its surface. The plaques of Acrylic awards are flexible for customization into any shape, style, or color. Acrylic remains the cheapest material you can use to design your trophies and recognition awards for your company. Feel free to contact us to create personalized awards plaques for your business’s awards ceremony.

State-shaped Plaques 

Are you looking for awards plaques shaped like your state? Look no more; we have most of the state plaques for your corporate awards, and an added advantage is that we custom-cut plaques according to your preference. You can look here for a state-shaped plaque of your state and if you can’t find your state, contact us so that we can custom cut a plaque for your state.

Award Plaques 

We offer the best award plaques in the recognition industry at affordable prices. Cherry award plaques, marble plaques, shield plaques, and walnut plaques are some of the award plaques we offer our customers at budget-friendly prices. You can contact our award specialists for advice on the best award path that meets your industry-specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why you should use Martin awards for your corporate awards solutions, and these include:

  • You will receive bulk quantity discounts if you buy our various corporate awards. Thus you will save so much while buying most of our awards items without compromising the quality of the awards plaques.
  • We have a customer care service that is professional to the core and is ready to guide you through any concern or request that you might have.
  • We also offer our customers free custom engraving services (up to 200 characters) since it is done in-house and inspected by our awards specialists.

We boast of 26 years of experience in the recognition industry; thus, our corporate awards are the epitome of skilled and experienced craftsmanship.